About Us

Gutter Repair Company

At Next Level Gutter Repair, our focus is on providing the highest quality gutter services at affordable prices, and ensuring that we offer the best solution for each unique situation.

We communicate effectively with our clients, sharing our evaluation of their gutter problems, recommending solutions and explaining the process. Whether a simple gutter cleaning is required, gutter repairs are needed, or whether the damage is so extensive that gutter replacement is the wisest course of action, we will present the options and answer all questions, so that our clients are confident that they are fully informed.


Our particular area of expertise is hidden gutter repairs, also known as built-in gutter repairs, as well as hidden gutter installation. Damage to these systems, and the resulting leakages, results in water damage to the home, especially if repairs are delayed for an extended period of time. Our team will identify the areas of concern, repairing seals and replacing rotting fascia and corroded or insufficient flashing where necessary, to fully restore your built-in gutter system.

Our complement of services also includes aluminum gutter repairs, exterior siding and gutter cleaning, moss removal, and roof cleaning. Trust the integrity of your home’s external defenses against water to the dedicated team at Next Level Gutter Repair.


Patrick Kensick has been in the hidden gutter maintenance and repair industry for over 9 years, working with some of the top gutter repair companies in the Lower Mainland. He has extensive experience in built-in gutter repairs and cleaning, moss removal, flashing, fascia board, and downpipe replacement, as well as aluminum gutter repair and maintenance.

With his broad knowledge and experience in the field, he decided to step out on his own and create Next Level Gutter Repair. This is where he has found his greatest passion, in doing what he loves behind a company model he believes you can trust.

Patrick has built lifelong relationships with homeowners and businesses through his work in the industry and he is confident that he and his team will exceed your expectations and improve the overall quality of your home.