We love the rain here in the lower mainland. It gives us the beautiful green landscapes that we enjoy in our parks and in the tree covered mountains. We love the rain, but we don’t want the rain to seep into our homes. This is why gutters are amazing. This simple contraption that catches rainwater and leads it away from your home is so simple, yet so effective. To keep it working effectively, you need to stay on top of your gutter cleaning. A clean gutter means a dry house, it is that simple. Here are some signs that you need to do some gutter cleaning.

Gushing downspout. Your house has a few downspouts to make sure that water flows freely from your roof. If there is a clog somewhere in your gutter, it can result in a downspout not receiving the water it’s supposed to and then another spout works overtime. The result, a gushing downspout. If you see an unusual amount of water pouring down a spout, it is time for gutter cleaning.

Water pouring from the roof. If you see water coming down in sheets from your roof, it means that you have a very clogged gutter. This is a sign that your downspouts are getting so little water that the rain starts pouring over the sides of the roof and gutters.

Prevention. The best thing to do is to stay on top of your gutters. Make sure that you don’t let it get to the point where water gushes from one downspout or from the sides of the roof. If you have a tree close to your house, you are vulnerable to leaves, twigs, and even rodents getting into your gutters. If this goes unchecked, you can have a real problem down the line. However, thanks to the wind and other elements, you can get clogged gutters even if there is no tree close to your house. Go take a look and see if you need to get a good gutter cleaning.

To make sure your gutters are good and ready for the rain, it’s a good idea to call in professionals. Why speculate or guess when you can get someone in who knows gutters. Let them assess your place and tell you what you need to do to get your gutters clean and also how to keep them clean. Next Level Gutter Repair has made it their business to keep people’s gutters clean and in top shape.