The green backdrop of British Columbia’s forests is undeniably beautiful.However, the cool, moisture-rich climate that so graciously gives us our beautiful trees and forests also gives us something we may be a little less excited about – moss. While moss can be beautiful in its natural setting, a roof or carport covered in it is significantly less appealing, causing both a visual eyesore and potentially damaging the shingles underneath. Regular cleaning of these places where moss commonly accumulates can be difficult and time consuming, so here are some tips on moss removal in Vancouver.

In order to eliminate moss, you should first understand what moss is and what types of environments it thrives in. Moss is classified as a non vascular-plant, meaning that they absorb water directly threw their leaves rather than through their roots. That also means that it can grow on many types of surfaces since it does not need to be rooted in soil. Moss prefers to grow in cool, damp, shaded areas like at the base of a tree, or a shaded roof. You can’t change the climate but there are a few steps that you can take in order to eliminate, or at least significantly reduce the presence of moss.

Since most species of moss prefer to grow in shaded areas, you may consider reducing or removing the shade cover from your roof or carport. This may be as simple as having your trees trimmed back, or as complicated as tree removal. However, this alone does not guarantee total moss removal in Vancouver,as the humidity and cloud coverage still provide an appealing growing environment.

Altering the acidity of the growth environment can be an easy, safe remedy to a moss problem. Moss will not grow in an overly acidic environment, and there are many basic household products that you can use to increase acidity. Spraying your roof with a diluted mixture of water and vinegar can potentially kill unwanted moss. Alternatively, you can create a high base environment by spraying a diluted mixture of ammonia or bleach. To remove the accumulated moss, it is best to use a soft brush and scrub in the direction of the shingles to avoid damage. A pressure washer may be tempting, but should be avoided; incorrect usage could result in damage to your roof.

Moss prevention and moss removal in Vancouver is no small task, and while these DIY remedies will help in many cases, some situations may warrant a call to a moss removal specialist.