You can learn a lot on the internet, however not every job was meant to relearned by watching a six-minute YouTube video.  Many home improvement jobs are more difficult than they appear, and gutter installation in Abbotsford is one of them. From incorrect installation to the risk of serious injury, save DIY home videos for other chores and leave gutter installation in Abbotsford to the professionals who have the experience and training to get the job done right.

Incorrect Pitch

Gutters have one job to do; they help to carry the water flowing from your roof away from your home. Simple enough right? Well, maybe not. While your gutters may appear to run in a straight line along your roof line, they are actually installed at a slight, barely noticeable angle to ensure that run off exits where it should and does not simply pool in the gutters and eventually overflow.

Wrong Positioning

Despite what it may look like from the ground looking up, your gutters are not in fact hung directly on the roof line but rather sit a few a few inches lower. This positioning is to ensure that during period of heavy rainfall, water does not spill over the back side of the gutters and cause damage to the siding or fascia.

Too Much Hanger Spacing

Not a problem in anyone’s closest, but often a problem with DIY gutter installation in Abbotsford. Hangers are used to support the gutters, and if the spacing is too far apart, the gutters will not be properly supported, which could lead to sagging or even breakage.

Excessive Seams

Having too many seams along your gutters can present a challenge even for professionals. Each seam creates a point where leaks, clogs, cracks and separation may occur. To help limit this risk, professional gutter installation in Abbotsford will limit the number of seams, thereby reducing the risk. Alternatively, more and more homeowners are choosing professionally installed seamless gutters, which are made to size for your home.

Accidental Damage during Installation

Accidents happen, and when they happen to a gutter you’re trying to install, that might mean having to replace an entire section of hard work. Gutters are usually made from lightweight materials, such as aluminium, to make sure they are not putting undue stress on the roof line; however this also means that they are quite fragile and prone to dents and bends if they are not handled carefully. The only thing worse than having to hang gutters once, has to do it twice.

Accidental Injury

No one climbs up a ladder on their day off to hang gutters expecting to fall, however accidents of this nature happen much too often. Professionals have the experience and the equipment necessary to handle gutter installation in Abbotsford safely, so you can sit back and enjoy your weekend, instead of the emergency room.