Gutters are one of those essential components to a building. They are a trough attached to the edge of a roof, or under the eaves, to collect rain water and drain it effectively away from the structure and its foundation. Most houses have gutters and every now and then there may be a need to replace them. If you are unsure of whether this applies to your home, check out our top 4 reasons to replace rain gutters.

This is the first of our top 4 reasons to replace rain gutters. Even if you had them installed by expert professionals, sometimes even the best gutters can be defeated by extreme weather. Heavy rain or exceptionally strong winds can collapse existing gutters or rip them from where they are attached to the roof. The likelihood of this happening depends on what sort of climate you live in, and in Vancouver we experience quite a bit of rain. If this is continually heavy in winter months, it can certainly take its toll on existing gutters.


If your gutters are drooping or leaning away from the house, their integrity is compromised and they will likely need to be replaced. Sagging gutters do not drain water effectively and may even allow overflow, which can cause damage to your home, so if sagging is pervasive, affecting much of your gutter system, replacement is the best option.


An extremely common problem in our top 4 reasons to replace the existing rain gutters is cracks. If there is a crack in your existing gutter then it will not drain properly. There will be leaks and it could lead to overall breakage. There is nothing less pleasant that trying to open your door and having old rainwater drop down on top of you because of a crack in your gutter, not to mention the damage that leaks can do to your home.

Age and Effectiveness

Most things don’t last forever and that is certainly the case for gutters. If you live in an older house, your gutter probably does not have the same effectiveness as a new one. Decades of wear and tear can cause gutters to become faulty, or deteriorate, especially hidden gutters, which can suffer from rot and allow water to enter your homes walls, causing damage. The solution when this is the case, is to have your gutters replaced with new, modern gutters that are professionally installed to properly drain water away from your home.