In the Lower Mainland, it is common for roofs to suffer from moss and algae growth. Our rainforest climate creates the ideal conditions for moss and algae to grow, making roof cleaning in Vancouver a regular practice for most responsible homeowners.

Moss and fungus growth can appear as dark streaks on your roof and then can spread quickly, making your roof look neglected. Homeowners who want to attempt to clean their roofs on their own should use extreme caution. Roofs can be slippery, especially when covered with algae and moss, so owners need to be mindful of slips and falls. If you are a DIY type of person, here are a few tips to remove moss and algae from your roof.

Avoid the Power Washer

While power washers can be used for roof cleaning in Vancouver, there is the concern that it can damage shingles and cause leaks. If done with care, using a power washer once a year will not damage an asphalt shingled roof. The key is using the power washer properly. If you must use a power washer, only use it once a year and make sure it is aimed in a downward direction about six inches away from the surface of the shingles. If not done properly, the force can cause shingles to break or loosen.

Use a Roof Cleaner and Garden Hose

If you’re going to climb up on your roof to clean it, the best option is to use a roof cleaning product specifically formulated to remove algae and stains and use a garden hose. Follow the directions when using the cleaning product.

Be Safe

Nothing is more important than your personal safety. When up on your roof, make sure you follow all proper safety precautions. Make sure that someone knows you will be up on your roof, or even better, have someone work with you. Before heading up to the roof, make sure your ladder is sturdy and secure. For rooftop work, wear safety glasses or goggles, work gloves and non-slip shoes, such as rubber-soled shoes. In addition, make sure you use a safety harness.

If you feel unsure about getting up on top of your house, look for specialist in roof cleaning in Vancouver to handle the job for you. Industry experts can safely remove moss and algae from your roof and can even add a special coating to prevent the moss and algae from immediately growing back. By hiring an expert, you will be sure that your roof is properly cleaned without damaging any shingles, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.