Gutter cleaning is one of those household chores we often forget about. However, it is something that needs to be done. When you don’t get your home’s gutters cleaned, debris can build up and you will find that this could lead to flooding or structural damage.

In order to get the best and safest results, you should not clean your home’s gutters yourself, you should enlist a professional gutter cleaning in Vancouver service, like our expert team here at Next Level Gutter Repair. If you are not sure of when is the best time to do this, read on for some tips on when to call out team for gutter cleaning in Vancouver.

End of Fall

Once the leaves have nearly completely fallen off the trees is a good time to call for gutter cleaning in Vancouver. There is a high chance that a lot of these leaves have ended up in the gutter. Winters in Vancouver are generally very wet, and this makes for the ideal conditions for your gutters to become clogged. This is far from ideal in winter, so get ahead of the game when it comes to gutter cleaning in Vancouver and call Next Level Gutter Repair.

Following a Long Period of Bad Weather

Bad weather can cause lots of debris to get blown about and land on your roof, then slide into your gutter. If there is a prolonged period of bad weather, it is not a terrible idea to call for gutter cleaning in Vancouver once it subsides. This ensures that your drains won’t be in bad condition if the weather makes another turn for the worse.

If There Is a Lot of Moss on Your Roof

Moss is one of the worst contributors to roof and gutter problems. Unfortunately, Vancouver has the type of climate that moss absolutely thrives in. Call for roof cleaning and gutter cleaning in Vancouver if you notice a lot of moss on your roof. Sometimes you need to look hard, as it creeps up slowly and you may not notice it upon first glance. You will be surprised at how much moss can clog your gutters but once you get professional gutter cleaners in Vancouver from Next Level Gutter Repair to take a lot at them, they will be cleared and back to functioning as normal in no time.