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Downpipe Repair and Replacement

Proper functioning downpipes are a crucial factor to a well-operating gutter system. They direct the water flow from your gutters to either the surface drain, or the drain tile that is installed underground when your home is built.

Some reasons your downpipes may not be functioning at their highest capability are improper installation, screws drilled through the pipe, rather than the straps, or they may simply be the wrong size or material. It is approximated that around half of the homes that are built today are built with outlets and downpipes in their gutter systems which are not sufficient enough in size. For optimal water flow and drainage, we recommend an outlet and downpipe size of no less than 2″x3″. This allows for debris to move freely from your gutter system away from your home.

Another contributing factor in successful downpipes is the material of which they are comprised. The most effective materials for downpipes are aluminum and copper. Not only do they have a wider variety of colours to choose from, but they are also much stronger and allow for more space inside for water and debris to flow through. Some homes are built with plastic downpipes which have a short-term life expectancy, as well as having a much smaller radius inside.

For homeowners who have gutter systems that drain into an underground drain tile, we recommend installing a drain guard box, or leaf catcher. These guards help prevent debris build up underground which can lead to clogging and blockage in your drain tile, which is a system that facilitates water flow away from your home underground. For easy accessibility, these traps can be installed at a level where it is easy for the homeowner to reach and empty them themselves, without having to call a gutter technician again.

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